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If you are wanting to test the quality of your home or business water supply - you have come to the right place!

Tested to NZ Standards, these kits contain some of the folowing factors for testing.

  • TOTAL ALKALINITY Incorrect levels can cause drying of the skin and damage to household pipework.
  • FREE & TOTAL CHLORINE High concentrations can cause eye and nose irritation and stomach discomfort. It can react with other contaminants to form hazardous by-products.
  • CHLORAMINES The ingestion of excessive amounts of chloramines can cause skin reactions, aggravate digestive disorders and may cause an increased risk of ammonia toxicity for those with liver and kidney disease.
  • pH Low pH can corrode plumbing and fixtures. High levels can clog pipes.
  • HARDNESS  Hard water causes a lack of soap suds and forms lime scale in kettles and water heaters.
  • NITRATE  Infants who drink water containing excesive nitrate can become ill and if left untreated these effects may become life threatening.
  • COPPER Short-term exposure can cause gastrintestinal distress. Long-term exposure can cause liver and/or kidney damage.
  • IRON Causes stains on laundry, dishes and plumbing fixtures. It can clog wells, pumps, sprinklers and devices such as dishwashers. It can give a metallic taste to foods and beverages.
  • TOTAL COLIFORMS The presence of total coliforms indicate that potenially harmful bacteria may be present.
  • E.coli The presence of E.coli is the best indicator of fecal pollution and the possible presence of pathogenic bacteria.


  • A quick, easy and less expensive way to pre-test your drinking water prior to laboratory testing
  • See the results in minutes!

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